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Start prototyping @ Gateway ESC

31. Mai 2022 · 16:30-18:00 · Online

The earlier you implement prototyping in your idea development process, the earlier errors in your product may be identified!

As in life, we seek to validate the ideas for our businesses before we implement them. We think of prototyping as a process that happens after having put together a concept, written a business plan, done our market research, and validated our ideas. Hence, a sort of last minute test before our creation will be exposed to the world.

But it could not be more different: for prototyping you need a mindset of experimentation. Failures can come from the wrong answers and the wrong questions alike. There is nothing to wait for and there is no particular formula.

Let‘s start prototyping together and register for this introduction talk. Get to know the methods, spectrum of services and available technologies that the Gateway ESC has to offer – let’s make ideas happen.

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